Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ever Thought About a Career in Wildlife Management?

There are an incalculable amount of careers available to people in the United States. Some people find their careers in business, selling to customers and working in an office. Others enjoy the arts and entertainment, making their living as singers or actors. There are yet others who use their genius in science to be doctors, making breakthroughs and saving lives. One career that doesn’t often occur to people, however, is a career in wildlife management.
Often, people do not even realize that companies like ours exist. They have a knack for animals and knowledge of the environment, and when they see our ad, they are amazed at the opportunity! Wildlife management professionals are an important part of protecting the environment and animal populations. The ecosystem can be thrown off by just one problem! If there are too many bobcats around, their local prey could become endangered or extinct in that specific area. It has a snowball effect—one change in the environment or animal population causes a sequence of damaging effects. For instance, if there are too many feral hogs without a natural environment to live in, they begin rooting people’s lawns and pastures and ruining crops and gardens.
The wildlife management professional’s job is to keep these different things in balance. By humanely trapping, he or she can remove and relocate the animal to a safer, more suitable habitat. It requires an extensive knowledge of many different animals, as well as an understanding of what each animal needs to survive, and how they live. If this is something you think you have a natural talent for, we encourage you to pursue it!